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Шато Типченица

 Vrachanski misket – 750 ml., 2 l.


The key product in the assortment of Chateau Tipchenitza is dry white wine, produced following a classic technology, from the traditional Bulgarian variety Vrachanski misket. Vrachanski misket is an old Bulgarian variety white grapes, which is typical for Northwest Bulgaria. This variety is unique for the region where the village of Tipchenitsa is located. It is distinguished with an amber color, an original aroma and a lasting misket flavor. These unique qualities are the reason for its many connoisseurs, among which is also Todor Zhivkov.

 In 2010 Barbara Prammer (President of the National Council of Austria), Ene Ergma (President of the Riigikogu in Estonia) and Asta Johannesdottir (Speaker of Alpingi in Estonia) were on an official visit in the country. Prior to their departure from Bulgaria they unanimously shared that they will take with them the memory of the astonishing flavor of Vrachanski misket, which will remind them of the beautiful nature, the cordial people and our fertile land.



Шато Типченица